The political world is not one easily navigated, especially if you are liberal with a heightened-sense of and love for sarcasm. Just take a peek at some of the few hundred hate/die-now/fag/I’m-gonna-cut-you tweets received by Kenneth Cole when he only appeared to have stepped out of line.

Below is the tweet that was perceived to be sacrilegious by America’s righteous Left.

The tweet.

How dare he dare to say to dare—what he’d do? Well, residents of twitter with a heavy case of Alzheimer’s knew exactly what this designing mo-fo was up to. Blasphemy!

Within milliseconds there were calls from the Left to have Kenny strung up in the town square, and as blood boiled and keyboard bravery oozed, it was only quelled to a simmer, when those without Alzheimer’s pointed out, “Hey, you do know he’s a huge Obama supporter, right? Maybe he’s just being sarcastic.”

What a sale!

You’d think OWS would have been outside his shop doors, when to celebrate Dear Leader’s 49 birthday, Kenneth Cole put everything at 49% off.

Yeah...I'd say he's a touch liberal.

Or the gods of the black block twitter verse would have seen a few of the billiards Kenneth Cole put up congratulating Obama on his hard fought big win back in 2008.

Kenneth Cole later tweeted to reassure the public, that he was indeed just being sarcastic and was making a point for campaign contribution reform.

Now Kenneth Cole getting into trouble with tweet attempts at sarcastic douchism, doesn’t bother PD. Again, more speech, not less. The only thing is that we find it a little strange that such an on slant of hate and death threats from his lefty killers comrades, didn’t give him pause to consider maybe he’s not in the right party.

Oh well, he’s a fashion designer not a Noble Prize Recipient Mensa student. Besides, this isn’t his first twitter snafu. Back in 2011, during that glorious uprising in Egypt, Kenneth took to twitter to say:

He's right, the Middle East uprisings were all about shoes.

Yeah…PD doesn’t expect much of a conversion from this guy.