Does this type of marketing make anyone want to fork out their rations? Well, there’s the pink, purple, and lite-blue Navajo streaked approach and then there’s the pink, purple, and lite-blue Navajo streak plus douche-bag-hatted approach, which Adidas has found isn’t a winner for anyone—expect the competition.

Wow, where to start?

Perhaps upset that Levi’s cornered the unwashed Occupy Wall Street movement two years back, Adidas hoped to gather up the emo leftovers.

The ‘men’ drawn in the advertisement alone are enough to make a sane person run screaming to Nike’s Foxconn. The first two look like barbershop extras from J.Lo’s Jenny From the Block circa 2002, and the third guy looks like a more effeminate version of Riverdale’s Jughead Jones than anything original.Do you recall this other Adidas hit from last year?

Don’t even get the staff started on that vest!

Then there’s the slogan, “Unite all originals.”

Seriously? First of all, if they (people at large, not those in the ad) were originals they wouldn’t be wearing Adidas. Second, the slogan suggests that Adidas wants to unite all originals under the banner of their brand. Does anyone feel a contradiction here?

Just sayin’.