Last week, we might have had Fatherland Friday, but who could have thought that Hitler would suddenly be all over the news cycle? He has been dead for almost 70 years (or has he….?).

Anyways the former artist’s (not the artist formerly known as Prince), name has been splashed across a store front in Western India. Vandalism? Nope. That’s the name Rajesh Shah picked for his “trendy” apparel shop, where he flogs graphic tees and other college wear.

With a Swastika dotting the ‘i’ in Hitler, it’s hard to convince yourself that Hitler is just Hindi for fashionable.

Side note: Back in the thousand twelve year Reich, did Hitler ever have use this graphic? A Swastika dotting the ‘i’ really does bring home the whole National Socialist thing.

Shah claims there’s nothing anti-Semitic about his store branding. “Hitler was a nickname given to my business partner Manish Chandani’s grandfather, because of his strict nature.”

Even down to the business cards...

Shah has said he is willing to change the name of his store, if he’s properly compensated. Oooh. What a businessman!

Of course this flirting with the use of Hitler isn’t anything new to the region. Last year, Indian Television’s ZeeTv made waves with a new series about a young woman trying to make it a big bad world. Naturally the best title they could come up with was Hitler Didi, or in English, Hitler Sister.

Back in the 90’s there was Sister Sister, and now there’s Hitler Sister. Yeah, that checks out.