“Stampede? Try beheading.”—A true king’s edict. In a country where a wife can face charges for uploading a video of her husband cheating on her, Saudi Authorities have decided that the best way to bring justice to those killed in the dubbed Hajj Stampede is to behead 28.

Just who are/were those 28? Well, that’s kind of anyone’s guess.

While Saudi Arabia sticks by the Common Core math of 769 killed despite how virtually every other country and their trampled cousins swear on Allah that it’s a good 1200 or more, 12 hours after the stampede Saudi King Salman (whom some media outlets claim is currently hospitalized in the King Faisal Specialist’s ICU for dementia) ordered the beheading of the 28 men responsible, which reports indicate were already imprisoned before the stampede.Hey, with a mess like that, counting can be hard.

Confusing? You bet. Sure it could be a case of a future crimes milk bath department, but it seems more likely that the Saudi Government wanted the whole stampeding ordeal to go away quickly, and these days in Saudi Arabia, what’s a better way of wrapping matters up than a beheading or two or 28?