Hey, even ISIS knows smoking kills.Again it seems that hashtag activism isn’t really all that active.

Despite Michelle Antoinette’s pause from judging what’s on your plate and genuine sad face accompanied with #bringbackourgirls 219 of them are still spending the rest of their lives summer with Boko Haram, and the World Cup’s use of #saynotoracism has been meet with FIFA flipping out over German fans in blackface (and really, how can they tell it’s not just a really bad sunburn?) and cries of the whole sport being anti-feminist.

In fact, let’s be honest, the only groups that hashtags seem to be working out for are the newly tech savvy jihadi ones.Unfortunately they skimped on the cotton, so two washes and it’s done.

Charles Lister, of the Brookings Doha Centre recently said that ISIS’ all-encompassing social media strategy is top rate. “The slick nature of ISIS media releases has undoubtedly allowed it to become somewhat the ‘celebrity’ actor within the international jihadist community. On social media, not a day goes by without a foreign supporter – from London, to Mogadishu, to Manila – expressing their support and allegiance to ISIS’s cause.”

Using their twitter and Facebook accounts to plug and push their new line of jihadi-tees, ISIS seems poised to not only burn Jordanian civility to the ground and raise a caliphate from Africa’s ashes, but to do so with matching outfits.

Aqua blue is everywhere this season.With the help of Indonesia’s (a place where terrorist groups are not only legal but encouraged) pro-beheading everything population, a slew of different apocalyptic tees can be purchased for the incredibly reasonable price of $13 apiece.

Making sure that the greater terror populace is aware of their jihadi-tee fire sale, ISIS has included in their tweets hashtags for the aforementioned World Cup and other hot trending topics, while also having a tentative goal of 1 billion new converts social media followers in the next month.