Seriously. A pair of kicks, sneakers, shoes that merited killing another human being for.

A group of men followed home a 22 year old, that had just stocked up on several pairs of the latest in Air Jordans (the category of shoe that starts riots) from his local Mall, and demanded the sneaks at gunpoint.

Josh Wood, the 22 year old seeming fashionable hero of the piece, refused—so the group did the reasonable thing and shot him.

In board daylight. In Northwest Harris County, Houston, Texas. These? These? Are we a people even worth saving?

Come on, people. Is it worth it? There’s a complete detachment from sense that pervades over this situation. Not just the act of killing another in cold blood, or killing another over apparel, but killing someone over these Air Jordan XI Breds.

Hitting the registers at $185, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to buy them much less would kill to have them on.

Is this what our society has become? Murdering for black, red, and white plastic Chinese stitching? There is nothing else in your life greater than these high-tops? Nothing to anchor you in the beauty of humanity?

Is the beauty even there anymore?