Belarus---yeah it’s a bit like that.As Russian authorities are battening down the hatches in Sochi, and Ukrainian protesters are kicking it in Kiev, Belarus also is having their fair share of problems.

Alexander Lukashenko, Minsk’s answer to a Putin/Stalin lovechild is the Dictator in Chief of Belarus, another part of the former Soviet Bloc that doesn’t really feel all that formerly Soviet. Basically Lukashenko is an older, less religious and less fun version of our on again/off again flame Ramzan Kadyrov.

53 year old Belarusian Leonid Smovzh, wore a T-shirt that said on the front, “For Belarus without Lukashenko,” and on the back, “For Belarus without dictatorship.” While the look was certainly engaging, Lukashenko’s men didn’t want it to be a trend that caught on so they had Smovzh fined and imprisoned for five days.

For wearing a T-Shirt.Anti-dictatorial wear seems to be catching on this Spring.

Think back to all of the Pussy Ass Cracker and Target Zimmerman Tees of the last late Spring and Summer season.

How you dress, and what you choose to wear is what shows the world what you believe, and from those beliefs what kind of a person you are.

Being a revolutionary doesn’t mean firebombing, sometimes it just means donning your For Belarus Without Dictatorship cotton blend T-shirt in Minsk’s Victory Square.