Leave it to the free market to fix what government regulation ails. Since Sandy-Hook, concerned parents from the East to Mid-West to the West Coast have been googling plans of action to keep their little darlings safe.

With all that demand, there had to be something in the market to satisfy, right? Exactly.

Online companies that specialize in bullet-proof garb have exploded onto the scene, providing parents with 100% money back guarantees on all their products.

Is suiting your child up in special vest backpack combos nuts? Given the US massacre statistics maybe, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a fantastic product idea elsewhere in the world. Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, all great places to outfit not just your kid, but also yourself with a little Kevlar.

Of course, let’s not right off possibilities for US wear. Kitting you and yours out with Kevlar (especially low key numbers) does make sense for heavy gun control utopias, like Chicago (532 deaths last year! Congrats, Rahm), Detroit, L.A., and Harlem. This backpack from Ammendment 2, will run you about $300.

Even if you reside in Nowhereville Saftey-Safe Street, North Dakota, if outfitting your kid with a little body armor makes you breathe a little easier at the bus stop, then do it.

It’s like the miniature sewing kits we keep in our purses. We never split a seam, or loose a button, until the morning we decide to leave it on our night stand.

Besides with the increased demand, the heavy price tags on Kevlar wardrobes will gradually fall as innovation works to the meet the needs of lower income families.

So breath a sign of relief, for the real hand that protects, the hand of the free market.