What a motto.We wrote earlier this week about how to handle high temps while hiking, but even a quick jaunt to the office can affect you in this heat.

Sunstroke, dehydration and abnormal behavior are all part and parcel for this season in the Northern Hemisphere, a simple truth that the US Marshal Service is trumpeting to the rooftops as two of their employees were caught having sex on the, well, rooftop of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Pennsylvania.From WHTM.

A resident living in a nearby apartment building, simply doing their civic duty under the See Something Say Something clause issued by Homeland Security, whipped out their cell phone and high-powered lens when they spied the two agents fornicating on top of the courthouse.

The heat is boiling over for everyone.Not to worry though, apart from the obvious excuse of the searing heat in Harrisburg and the promise of an impending investigation, the US Marshal Service said that they, “Remain confident that the security integrity of the courthouse is intact.”

Justice, integrity and service, right?