Get your daily dose of metal with Spam.

Get your daily dose of metal with Spam.

If you are having Spam this summer in lieu of lobster and whale, the American Food and Drug Administration wants you to be careful.

According to the FDA, if you are interested in chowing down on Spam you should use caution, “Due to the possibility that they contain pieces of metal (that) might cause injury to consumers.”

Spam Sprinkled With Metal

Hormel Foods Corporation, the owners of Spam, recently recalled upwards of 228,000 lbs of Spam and other products due to metal shard concerns.

Those cans on the recall list come from the following batches: FO20881, FO20882, FO20883, FO20884, FO20885, FO20886, FO20887, FO20888, and FO20889.

Whale burgers, anyone?