Olympics 2016.For your weekly Olympics update, we have last month’s news of the demise of Juma the jaguar, an incident with so little public outrage that it seemed to prove only that people prefer lions over jaguars.

After a chained photo-op with the Olympic torch (done in an effort to tie-in the Ginga jaguar mascot of Rio 2016) at the Manaus military base in Brazil’s northern Amazon region, Juma, the tranquilized jaguar became a bit much for the Brazilian military to handle so they shot and killed her.

First, the Rio 2016 Committee apologized for the optics of the torture torch pic, “We made a mistake in allowing the Olympic Torch, a symbol of peace and unity, to be shown next to a wild animal in chains. This image runs counter to our beliefs and values.”Ginga the Jaguar, the actual 2016 mascot.

Then they apologized for the death of the animal listed on the endangered species list, “We are deeply saddened about what happened following the relay. We guarantee that situations like this will not happen again at Rio 2016.”

Ultimately though, in the eyes of the public, it’s only yet another South American photo-op gone wrong.

Just sayin’.