Bornheim, Germany.Laguna Beach, California might still be pitching an overall ban on pool ownership (apparently it’s unpatriotic to take a dip during a drought), but even Germany has started to advertise their own views on pool etiquette.

Bornheim, Germany decided the best course of action to cut down on sexual harassment at their local pools was to ban male refugees over the age of 18—a move that could have easily qualified for PD’s Genius Idea Friday, but was quickly reversed.

Now, Bornheim has started assigning social workers to help coach refugees on acceptable German pool behavior, and according to the town’s press release, “The cancellation (of the ban) is not the result of pressure from the media’s response, but rather follows intensive discussions with refugees on how they should treat women with respect, regardless of whether they have a migration background or not.”

Munich has decided to follow a similar course for their pools, handing out leaflets in French, Arabic, Pashto and Somali on appropriate behavior.

Of course, it’s not just handsy refugees being kept out of rousing games of Marco Polo. Back in California, nudists in Huntington Beach claim that their City Manager has “Arbitrarily imposed” regulations to keep them from reserving the City Gym and Pool.Complete with pictures.

Naturists in the OC, a nudist group, protested against the newly enforced 2007 regulation banning nudity in public places, based on the premise that nudity interferes with city employees’ ability to do their jobs.

“We’ve been doing this for eight years,” group member R. Allen Baylis said. “We come in and cover the windows so people can swim, play volleyball, basketball or do whatever activities are available.”

Rolf Holbach, the President of the Southern California Naturist Association was quoted as saying, “It would be unfortunate to let all our members and followers know that we, as respectful and law-abiding naturists, are now being singled out and are no longer welcome in the city.”

One thing for sure is that it will be a hot summer.