First they came for my soft drinks, and then they came for my pain medicine.

Medical practitioner and Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg much like Erica Kane wants it all; your paycheck, your salt, your Big Gulp, your guns, and now your pain medicine.

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Rolling out his new initiative to combat the gazillion people dying hourly from prescription pill addiction, the ultimate nanny is limiting the amount of pain killers available at city hospital emergency rooms, and while nudging suggesting that private hospitals start doing the same.

That’s a genius idea, because honestly, whose in pain in an emergency room? No one, duh.

Delving into his own genius, Bloomberg said the following, “The city hospitals we control, so . . . we’re going to do it. . . . Supposing it is really true [that there will not be enough painkillers for the poor], so [they] didn’t get enough painkillers and [they] did have to suffer a little bit. . . .”

“We control” being the operative phrase. Wow. Whose excited about ObamaCare now?