Oh yeah, things are great now.The new Gangnam Style of Egypt, Sama el Masry’s (a dead ringer for Nia Vardalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) You Obama, Your Father, Mother is making the rounds this week; the father and mother being Israel and Turkey respectively.

While the video itself is light years better in production values than her other works on Youtube, the four and a half minutes are still painful to take in. She hits on Dear Leader’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is fun, and of course Sama el Masry’s bashes Israel for a bit, which is to be expected of anything coming out of Egypt, but the clown makeup, and George Costanza dancing skills can’t be forgiven.

The close ups on her black scorpion tattoo, an Egyptian symbol for protection at best, and death and destruction at worst are also unsettling.

We certainly aren’t going to fault anyone’s attempt at getting across a message in a foreign language, but the lyrics are perhaps the only thing from this video worth noting in the West.Some real talent there.

You Obama, your Father, Mother/Ole… Ole/Alsissi (Egyptian General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi) has dismissed Morsi/Ole… Ole Alsissi has dismissed Morsi/Hey… you Sayed/Morsi won’t see the feast/Hey…you Sayed/Morsi won’t see the feast/

You Obama, your father, mother/And all the others/Listen to me, Obama/Our army is very strong
You Obama, your father, mother/And all the others/Behave yourself/Our army is very strong/Hey Obama… Hey Obama/Hey Obama, support the terrorism/Traitor like the Brotherhood members/

Obama say it’s a coup (Since when?)/That’s not your business dirty man (Uncle Jo Biden begs to differ)/Obama say It’s a coup/That’s not your father, mother business/And you Patterson (the US Ambassador to Egypt)/Stop messing/Old, bitch woman/Hey Obama, father, mother…/

You want us to release Morsi/Hey Obama, you are stupid, bad man/You want us to release Morsi/Stop this or I will stab you (Them’s fightin’ words)/Why then you told Mubarak/To leave immediately?/

Great! Who forgot the marshmellows?????Hey/Hey Obama, father, mother…/You threaten us with the US aid (How many billions is it now?)/Fuck it and fuck you/You are a jerk …./Obamaaaaaa/You threaten us with the US aid/Your ambassador is very wicked woman/Alsissi has beaten you/And Egyptian people supported him/

(Here the video pans to the following protest scenes: El-Tahrir Square 26/7/2013, Beni Suef 26/7/2013, Mansoura 26/7/2013, Ismailiya 26/7/2013, Port Said 26/7/2013, Alexandria 26/7/2013, Ash Sharqiyah 26/7/2013.)

Hey Obama, father, mother…/You meet Al Nour Islamic Party (that’s the political party to receive the second most votes)/HA…HA…HA…/Now we know all the secrets/Egyptians are not idiots
You meet Al Nour Islamic Party/This party is sneaky and menless/Al Nour/Brotherhood and Aboul Fotouh are the same (Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh Abdel Hady, the Secretary General of the Arab Medical Union who also ran for President)/

Hey Obama, father, mother…/Hey Obama
Be polite/Hey Obama, father, mother…/You and terrorists/Listen to me Obama/Our army is very strong Yeah...okay.
Hey Obama, father, mother…/And all the disgusting guys/We are the people tell you/You can’t fool us/You tried to play it/But you can’t play this wicked game/With us cause we are the Alpha/

Hey Obama, father, mother…/Your father and your mother/Your Israel/Your Turkey
and your/All of you go to Hell!/Listen Obama!/We are Egyptian!/We are civilization!/Are you listen?/ Obama?/When Egypt talking should be America shut up

And roll credits.

Yikes. So what do you think, PDers? Will there be peace in the Middle East?