The Trump Diet.Whelp, congratulations on making it to the end…of November. Let’s take a quick glance back.

A slew of 10-4-10 lists got a bump up over the weekend with news of Castro kicking the bucket at 90.

PD learned that cranberry (yesterday’s chlorophyll) might not be as good for you as scientifically advertised.

We checked in with Benjamin Franklin quite a bit this month, looking at his views on turkeys and visiting his tomb in Philadelphia.

Speaking of turkeys, we got to the bottom of poultry fear in Istanbul.Perhaps the Zombie Castro costume will be more popular come next year.

Adam Smith helped us get through the election results, and we did some team building with snakes.

The struggle has been realer than usual under President Duterte and the idea of trusting the State never sounded worse.

PD finally realized this month that the c-word is actually canoe.

After hurting Euro Disney’s bottom line, Daash attacked Shia pilgrims in Iraq, and while some fought over discount wine, others turned their attention to bids on abandoned factories in Venezuela this Black Friday Week.

Yeah, apparently Black Friday now comes in week form.

Overall, our staff told you that no matter how the votes came out, the result wouldn’t be a good one, and while being right is supposed to be great— sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

Mars, anyone?

See you in December!