Thanksgiving in the First World.Black Friday Michael Kors dropkicks and Cyber Monday’s clicks out of the way, November is finally finished, with the retail market wanting you to know that despite the Yuan now taking over the breadbasket of America, the Season of Giving to Yourself is here.

Before we rush out to Target and pile up the debt, let’s do a quick look back.

As with every November, we reviewed Michelle Obama’s course on voting. KFC greased fingers and the knowledge that we fulfilled our civic duty later, burqas got a lot more exciting the moment they were banned by Ticino voters.Shouldn’t be anyone’s business either way.

PDers got to take a closer look at the history of fashion trends forced on the Jews, and the threat of hand cream bombs made the prospect of flying EasyJet all the more difficult.

DHS invested heavily in Russian tech and kicked off World War III with glitzy radiation bangles, while on the other side of Big Government, the USDA wanted to be sure you knew how to properly roast a turkey.

Hey, they loved 50 Shades at Abu Ghraib.After a long night in Paris, the media decided to be #JeSuisChien while world leaders zeroed in on the real problem—climate change.

All in all, with all of this leading from behind, our staff couldn’t help but feel that this Klink Obama best summed up what this month has been like—and what the following year will most likely be too. 

Obama at his best.

Bring on the holiday cheer!