When pictures like this start riots—-you know something more is going on.

Okay world, let’s put down the cloak and daggers, the smoke and mirrors, and get to the point: No one has the right to not be offended. In fact, how the laws of nature work, everyone has the right to be offended.

But that’s not how authority wants it. In fact, there’s new UN/EU/US legislation in the pipeline, calling for an end to “offense speech.” The thing about that is who exactly decides what’s offensive?

I find people wearing socks with sandals offensive. To me, wearing a Canadian tuxedo, and calling it thus, is offensive. People saying how much they love big government is offen—well, not so much offensive as just stupid to me. Nevertheless there you go. These are my views, and I don’t feel the need to have them legislated out of existence. Instead, if I see someone wearing socks with sandals, I avoid them. I turn onto another street. If someone starts preaching about how great Dear Leader is, I choke down my vomit and leave, or I rationally and calming explain why it is that I feel they are nuts misguided.

I don’t start fire bombing, raping, or pillaging. I don’t declare a fatwa on critics who pan PD. I don’t go out and stab cartoonists that draw people pissing on the Constitution, or kill artists that put together so called Modern Art exhibitions that show Jesus with dildos.

I don’t go to such exhibits, because I know that artist is a douche, and I have better things to do with my time. I may tell my friends about that cartoon, and I might not buy that publication in the future. That’s it. Seriously? This is why people are rioting? Give us a break.

More speech, not less.

More truth, not less.

That’s clear, right? Well, media spin wants to have you locked in a politically correct world, where you have to apologize for every poorly done youtube video; where certain speech is allowed, like saying the Jews should be run into the sea. Yeah, that one is fine. But saying, “Maybe there’s more to these riots in the Middle East than just a movie trailer-” makes one a racist-majorphob that should be fined, imprisoned, or should just be taken out back behind the shed.

The bottom line is that if poorly acted videos, cartoons, or five-second-put-together-memes done by PD, make you want to go out and start killing people, you’ve got problems. Mental problems.

And because we here at PD believe so strongly in the right to be offended, I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to leave your hateful, troll-tastic comments below.