When the State owns everything, you don’t own your life.This month, our game takes on a different approach by changing Who Does This Remind You Of? to What Does This Remind You Of?

We’ve already covered two African dictators, and now we are going way back to the story of Gerhard Kretschmar.

Back in 1939, the first to be put to death by the National Health policy of mercy killing in Germany (a policy that would eventually take the lives of over 300,000) was a five month old child, named Gerhard Kretschmar, but at the time was known as simply Case K.UK’s NHS.

According to Adolf Hitler’s doctor, Karl Brandt’s testimony at the Nuremberg Trials, “The father of a deformed child wrote to the Fuhrer with a request to be allowed to take the life of this child or this creature. Hitler ordered me to take care of this case. The child had been born blind, seemed to be idiotic, and a leg and parts of the arm were missing.”

Case K was then given luminal and killed by the State. Deemed a success, in August of 1939, Hitler’s Interior Ministry pushed and perfected the policy.

Now that you’ve heard the story, what does it remind you of? Leave your answers down in the comments.