When Crazy is at the helm, you never know where you’ll end up---or do you?Long term PDers know that our staff uses these Memory Lane Monday segments to spotlight the youthful words of those front and center in our regulatory lives today. While we like to dust off the gems from the early 2000’s, occasionally we feel compelled to go back only as far as last week.

With Manic Nicolas Maduro, we feel that it’s one of those times.

Friday, when the remnants of the West’s Transaction Thursday were duking it out for the new XBOX console, Maduro took to the podium at the Council of Ministers meeting to assure everyone that his new policies of nationalizing retailers was not by any means a joke.

“We’re not joking, we’re defending the rights of the majority, their economic freedom.”Time to go.

Alleging that “capitalist parasites” are trying to force him out of office, by jacking with Venezuela’s economy, he added: “The inspections are continuing daily and have let us see into the under-world of capitalism.”

During that same speech, Maduro outlined his first steps to “reward” savers by introducing new legislation that will curb how much landlords can charge for commercial properties, and saying that interest rates for savers should be increased to 16% from 12.5%.

Still think Venezuela is the place to be?