Soon there will only be real ducks…As March 2017 finishes its tune, let’s take a quick glance back at what it had to offer.

In a continuing pattern, this month the Secret Service got a whole lot less secretive.

Mubarak made a complete recovery from his earlier diagnosis of dead, and the US taxpayer spent $3M trying to bottle the scent of post-asparagus pee.Which government do you live under?

We slowly flipped the pages of Democracy in America, as our water turned hot pink and we marveled at how Julian Assange’s Embassy Cat somehow has a better tied tie than President Trump.

PD looked at how duck boats are slowly being waddled out with increased regulations, and we also learned that like with everything else, our sunscreen is apparently bad for the environment.

Western swimsuits were ruled to be a stone-able fashion offense, and Democrat Rep. Grace Meng pushed for menstruation equality so we can all be equally miserable.

Speaking of miserable, it turned out that the Day Without a Woman protest was mostly Soros-funded.

Same actions, different levels of bravery.

See you next month!