Christmas terror.As talking heads label the EU a massive no-go zone, while the media does their best to convince the world that Germany didn’t get their man and the 23 year old Pakistani asylum seeker couldn’t possibly be the one that drove the European equivalent of a Mack truck through a Berlin Christmas Market yesterday, killing at least 12—there’s no need to add more.

The act itself is sad of course, but not surprising. Another Nice roll-through was bound to happen.

A crowded market and throw in Christmas—yeah. Terrorists like to ruin things. They’re real cunts like that.

A fan of an occasional cup of Lindt hot chocolate? They’ll hold one up during the holiday. Back to school shopping? They’ll put the mall on lock-down and kill you if you stumble over a hadith or two.

Terrorists want you scared.

Terrorists want you to breakout in a sweat whenever you see sprig of holly or gingerbread house.

Terrorists want you to know that even on a Monday, Tuesday—they’re looking to fuck with anything you like.

Add that the State wants power, and the recipe on that calls for heaping amounts of control.Dec. 19th, 2016---Berlin.

Checkpoints, constant surveillance and a ban on caroling later, you’re suddenly no longer allowed to fly with more than 1.8 oz of mulled wine.

So PDers, is the trick here to walk the line of those two forces, offering help to those in need, while remaining as true to who you are and what you love as possible?

Seems like it.

Just sayin’.