The metal trade is booming, we hear.In a move that is bound to conjure up all kinds of bad Halloween karma, some Missouri thieves decided that the best way to pad their 401ks was to steal 170 bronze vases from the local Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery.

Of course, grave robbing isn’t exactly a new idea and Charleston, West Virginia tackled a similar menace back in 2008, when metal grave ornaments were stolen, melted down, and then sold for scrap.

“It’s a crisis of the times,” the Executive Director of the Connecticut Gravestone Network (what do you mean you’ve never heard of it?) Ruth Shapleigh-Brown said of the increase in thefts and vandalism at graveyards nationwide. “People are finding a way to make money.”Another type of grave robber.

Back in Missouri, with enough copper in each flower vase to bring an overall heist total to $100,000, the Raytown Police still haven’t found the perpetrators, despite the crime having been conducted back in August.

Oh well, stealing from cemeteries isn’t the kind of thing that goes unpunished by the Gods of the Copybook Headings.

Just sayin’.