Essentially there are worse things than eating French…Fresh off her second place election showing and prepping for the homestretch next month, Marine Le Pen rushed out to prove that she has what it takes to lead a nation—by pointing at things at a supermarket, the hallmark of such great leaders as Kim Jong-Un, Nicolas Maduro and Joseph Stalin.

While wowing the press with her finger-work, Le Pen managed to say, “Let’s promote the ‘eating French’ especially in canteens where our children must take advantage of healthy, quality products.”That’s a leader there.

Of course, eating French isn’t the worst campaign platform, and even our own PD staff has advocated eating French, but more so after the numerous terror attacks to show solidarity with the French people than in a government mandate way.

Plus, the only thing probably better than eating French in Europe is to eat Italian, but that also doesn’t mean that we advocate a Technocratic Government.

Just sayin’.