It's not aid to a terror organization is something new for the UN.Okay PDers, are you ready to not be shocked at all? Seriously, there is no need to take a sit for this; in fact stand up.

Supposedly Daash has somehow gotten a hold of United Nations’ World Food Program aid boxes.

Yeah, we didn’t blink either, but apparently the UN is “extremely concerned” about this development, and has vowed to get to the bottom of the situation.

The UN addressed the lost rations recently when photographs of Daash dandies handing out boxes marked UN World Food surfaced on social media.The UN is still trying to figure out Gangnam Style.

In some cases, Daash went the extra mile and haphazardly slapped their own label over the UN’s.

All in all, the UN is going to get right on that investigation with the same gusto the organization had when it was found that they were holding onto rockets for Hamas last year.

Just sayin’.