Bites lead to swelling, vomiting, dizziness, and kidney failure.

Bites lead to swelling, vomiting, dizziness, and kidney failure.

Unless you have managed to hack your education or child’s it is now back to school season and that can be a very scary prospect.

Not in just the whole handing your offspring to the State way, but for students of the Zilla Parishad School in Pangra Bokhare Village, it’s a scary prospect in the snake way.

Yes, snakes.

Sure, snakes were proven to be great motivators in Malaysia, but this story from India is on another level.

A cook found a whopping 60, that would be 6-0, Russell’s vipers (the type of snake responsible for thousands of deaths throughout Asia per year) in the school’s kitchen.

According to Triyambak Bhosle, the Zilla Parishad’s Headmaster, “All of us panicked after seeing so many snakes. Several villagers rushed to the spot with sticks and stones, but we stopped them from killing the snakes.”

With 60 Russell’s vipers.

With 60 Russell’s vipers.

After taking two hours to wrangle them all up, the snake-catcher handed the collection over to a forest ranger, and Monday’s mystery meat was able to be served.

Moral of the Story…

We have talked about Kevlar backpacks for school before, but maybe it could be a good idea to send your kiddo in with bag of cloves and cinnamon, too.

Just sayin’.