Even if gold and the evil eye come together.Each month we meet here for a brief recap, and as PD’s been at this for a couple of years now, it’s a bit interesting to look back at past Junes and see how much, or rather how little, has changed.

Really, SCOTUS is still drunk. We’re still nursing our ulcers, stress bags and migraines. Huma is still chasing after Hillary, and Russia still doesn’t like stilettos.

The TSA still can’t get their act together and it still takes all we have to not just tune out of the news cycle.

Fences are still being built, Morsi is still in prison, and National Parks are still dangerous.

The White House still refuses to acknowledge terrorism, why the American Left still sees terror in wedding cakes and pool safety posters.Hey, change is scary though…

Speaking of pools, as with every summer, PEDIGA can’t wait to get in the water.

Spooky Soros is still having his say, and being raped in Qatar still comes with a hefty fine and jail time.

Tracking might have been upgraded to EasyJet’s new shoe line, but climate science still knocks fashion and P.J. O’Rourke’s All of the Trouble in the World oddly has remained as all of the trouble in the world.

Finally, as far as Brexit goes, we’ll leave you guys with this:


See you in July!