It's never too late.In every month’s recap our staff always talks about wanting to be more optimistic come August, September, October, Smarch, etc.

Obviously each month we fail. No, no—there’s no need to sugarcoat it. PD isn’t afraid of honesty.

That longed for optimism and belief that the world will get better never seems to materialize for us. Instead, each month we seem to get more jaded, more apathetic and more cynical.

“Oh, Maduro took over more businesses? Shocker. People are trying to smuggle toilet paper and cooking oil from Colombia? Who would have thought? There’s no food? No electricity? Dying in the streets? Huh.”If you don't laugh, you cry and max out your credit cards on Lisa Frank memorabilia.

“Turkey is unstable? Whaaat? Noooo. Really? Erdogan’s banned everything and arrested almost everyone? Whelp, what ya gonna do?”

“Daash upping their game on the way to Rome? France extending their État d’urgence until the second week after forever? Well, sure—you know, safety.”

“Another ill-run, corruption filled Olympics? Seriously? What are the odds?”

Yes, Trump running and winning may have sent many straight into a big bottle of bourbon and Prozac. The revelation that so many are excited to dance to the siren song of a strongman also has led many to close themselves off in their bunkers or shoe closets, vowing never to leave again and to rely solely on army rations and Amazon Prime for survival.

Of course, isn’t that what the State wants? Doesn’t tyranny want you to feel hopeless and alone? Don’t the powers that be want you to feel sick with stress and lousily about life? Isn’t that a good chunk of Big Government’s modus operandi?

Well put.Why start complying now? Freedom lives in all of us. It doesn’t come from bureaucracy. It doesn’t come from some leader. It’s already there.

Perhaps more visible in some than others, but everyone has it.

Instead of giving in and giving up, why not start cultivating that freedom in ourselves and families? Why not help others grow it, too?

At PD, we do not believe in collective salvation, we know that comes from the individual. Although, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help you and you can’t help us get to the finish line.

So…Let’s do it. Here at PD, we will still be dark and use sarcasm as if it were going out of style as fast neoprene fabric, but together we will uplift and help each not just get by, but to be freer—mentally, spiritually and (let’s try out some optimism) even physically.