Not everyone has the same struggle.With Hillary 2016 gearing up to play the War on Women Part 7 card (the one that includes a lack of state-funded KY Jelly, mani/pedis and a monthly chocolate allotment), the Iranian Government actually seems to be pushing female equality to a historic hilt for their Nation.

That’s right, maybe, possibly Iran is willing to pass a law that would allow women to enter sporting arenas.

Not all arenas, mind you, but some.

Shahindokht Molaverdi, Rouhani’s Vice President of Women and Family Affairs, was quick to throw a little clarity and water on those ready to hit the blasphemy button, “It’s not as if women are supposed to go see swimming or wrestling competitions.”


Traditionalist clerics in the region have also pointed out that essentially there is nothing wrong with a women watching a soccer match, provided the men playing in that match wear shorts of a proper length.Isn’t 2015 still too early for this?

It should be noted that Ahmadinejad tried a similar tact back in 2006, where he allowed women to enter stadiums, but after a month, he reversed that decision due to fierce criticism from the clergy in Qom.

So far, this new law is only in the “talks” stage, but hey, if the stars align, perhaps Iranian women will be able to root for the home team alongside their male counterparts.