Check your malaria testing kit.

Check the date on your testing kit.

Today our PD Staff has a quick word from the Ghana Food and Drug Authority to share with you.

Your malaria testing kit could be expired.

Apparently, a slew of expired testing kits were re-released back onto the market, which means any results should be discounted if your SD Bio Line Malaria Test Kit lists an expiration date of March 8th, 2020.

According to the FDA, “Though the said kit, SD Bio Line Malaria Test Kit, has been registered by the FDA, investigation revealed that the following information has been used to re-label the expired product.”

Consumer Confusion on Malaria

Ghana's Food and Drug Administration, like the US FDA, only with better graphics.

Ghana’s Food and Drug Authority, like the US FDA, only with better graphics.

With doctors like Emmanuel Kwame Asenso advocating in Ghana that malaria is actually caused by processed foods and preservatives, and not mosquitoes, this latest warning from the FDA has not done much to boost citizen confidence.

Ultimately, if you have any of the above kits in your possession, the FDA has requested you notify them so that they may come and dispose of the kits themselves.

Hey, we all know that no one is better at destroying things than the government.