Hitting the gym, without banging your head against the wall.In one of our rare Genius Idea segments that might actually be slightly genius, the Greater Scranton YMCA, in Pennsylvania, recently decided to ban 24-hour cable news channels in their facility, due to what the gym calls, “Safety concerns.”

According to the gym’s Board of Directors, cable news stations have, “Raised concerns about the safety, both physically and emotionally, of our members.”

CEO Trish Fisher echoed that safety sentiment with, “I’ve been here three years now and I really didn’t hear much about this until six months ago. So, we just want people to feel welcome here and I think this might help.”Overhyped news media.

On the one hand, our staff feels like we get enough of the mainstream media madness that we don’t need it while on the Stairmaster, but as libertarians, we never dig bans, but then again, we also believe that the establishment has the full right to make their own rules, so if they’d rather not have their patrons keel over from ulcers or deck it out over Trumpcare that is completely their prerogative.

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