Come on, seriously? Seriously? Give us a break.There’s never been a more tech savvy group in the White House. After all, despite Al Gore’s musings between charka cleansings, Americans all realize that it was actually Barack Obama that invented the internet—you know, on the 7th day when he was resting on the ninth green .

These social media gurus and wordsmiths had a big think and came up with the name White House Youth and its accompanying hashtag WHYOUTH for their special information dissemination group.

Dig the brown backdrop for the snazzy invite to their December 4th meeting. According to both Anna Wintour and Valerie Jarrett brown is going to be the color of 2014. (Btw: To all of the leftists poised at their keyboard to bang out Racists! down in the comments, that’s not a pun about Jarrett hooking up with Ahmad Rashad.)

Look, commenting on the obvious Hitler in the room just seems like low hanging fruit. Clearly the reference was on purpose, as no one, not even the Federal Government is that inept, but as to whether they are sipping on truth serum, trying to be ironic, or just wanting to make conservatives dance—is anyone’s guess.

The real genius, or just the true creepiness of the White House Youth deal was Dear Leader’s little pep talk on Obamacare.Oh, you.

“So I’m going to need you all to spread the word about how the Affordable Care Act really works, what its benefits are, what its protections are and, most importantly, how people can sign up. I know people call this law Obamacare. And that’s okay — because I do care. I care about you. I care about families. I care about Americans, but no matter how much I care, the truth is, is that for your friends and your family, the most important source of information is not going to be me, it’s going to be you. They are going to trust you. If you’re taking them on a website, walking them through it saying, look at the price you’re able to get, look at the benefits you’re able to get. That’s what’s going to be making a difference.”

We don’t know about you, but all of that caring comes across as a little too abusive relationshipy for us to stomach here at PD.

By the way, in keeping with the Progressive cornerstone of expanded adolescence, the White House defined their youth movement as those kiddos aged 18-35.