Leave it to the experts at the UN, saving the planet one cholera victim at a time.The United Nations never fails to stand out against a backdrop of useless, bloated bureaucratic organizations, and in this day and age that really says something about their commitment to incompetency.

After denying for years that their dumping of sewage into Haiti’s Artibonite River caused a massive outbreak of cholera resulting in-between 9,300 to 30,000 deaths, Farhan Haq, the Deputy Spokesman for the UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, finally said this week that, “Over the past year the UN has become convinced that it needs to do much more regarding its own involvement in the initial outbreak and the suffering of those affected by cholera.”

Yes, according to their June 2015 audit, the Office of Internal Oversight Services found evidence the UN, that illustrious organization that came up with World Toilet Day, ignored their own sanitation protocols including pouring waste into public canals, abandoning UN camps that were overflowing with human waste, not maintaining septic tanks or other treatment plants, and spilling waste water into drinking resources while in Haiti.When the UN comes to help, it’s probably a good idea to flee.

Of course, the United Nations still maintains that they are immune from any legal action, on the basis that they are the all-powerful UN, so if you thought any type of monetary compensation was in the cards, remember as a citizen of the world you’ll never have a full deck.