Don’t trust the State to have your back. Our staff has covered the less than lustrous performance of 911 operators in the past, outlining and reiterating several times that you should rely only on yourself to be a first responder, but this latest case out in Houston bears repeating.

Only after the death of a convenience store manager due in part to a mishandled 911 call, was it found that the emergency line operator, 43 year old Crenshanda Williams had accumulated thousands of short calls (those lasting less than 20 seconds) from October 2015 to March of this year, in which she reportedly hung up on callers due to, “Not feeling like talking at the time.”Photograph: Purple fan, Crenshanda Williams appearing in court last month.

There are even recordings of Williams saying after hanging up on other calls, “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.”

Williams may have been slapped with two misdemeanor charges, but seriously, trusting the State to save you is never a bright idea.