What? Coffee cups and planet aren’t keeping you up at night? It being Good Friday today, we could talk about the geniuses behind the UK’s rail work schedule, but instead we would rather cover an actual brush with brilliance.

Rory Stewart, the UK’s Environment Minister, unveiled a new plan earlier this week to combat the scourge of coffee takeaway cups by doing the Big Government thing and instituting a new coffee tax.

Like any eager Progressive, Stewart channeled the Overton Window by explaining, “Having tackled plastic bags, which I hope everybody in the House would agree the plastic bag tax has been a success, coffee cups seem to be a very good thing to look at next.”Lambs to the slaughter of Big Government.

Before you decide to bite the head off your Cadbury rabbit in a full-on rage, the brilliant bit is that the next day, Stewart’s DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) denied any such plan for a new tax.

So, perhaps the instant backlash to the UK Government coming for the citizenry’s morning coffee will be enough to keep that little revenue idea on the back-burner for a while, or at least until after the next election cycle.