It's just an organ harvest, not donation.

It’s just an organ harvest, not donation.

Do you own your organs? Well, the Russian Government has recently given a brilliant answer to that question.

Of course, you do not own your organs.

Under the colloquial clause that it would be, “Inhumane,” to ask your relatives’ permission to take your organs after you’ve kicked the bucket, Russia has decided that they can just take them.

Hey, you’re no longer using that liver. It must go to another comrade.

Further explaining that since organs have a short-shelf life, and not wanting to seem insensitive (you know, since Russians never ever want to seem insensitive) by asking for permission from your estate or family, Russia is well-within their purview to use your organs as they see fit.

Presumed Consent

The Russian Government can take their pick.

The Russian Government can take their pick.

If there’s ever been a bigger hallmark of tyranny than Presumed Consent, we haven’t heard of it. However, it’s not just Russia that is keen on this line of thinking when it comes to your kidneys.

Daash , Austria, Spain, and Sweden all share the same approach, with England and their glorious NHS leaning that way as well.

When it comes to Russia though, according to Anton Burkov, a lawyer with the human rights organization Sutyajnik, “Most people never know that their relatives’ organs have been taken, so they have no reason to protest.”