Do you PDers remember this creepy display?We all know that the State is always right, after all PD proves that here every Friday. So, in all honestly, why wouldn’t you want social workers deciding if you overfeed your kiddos?

Putting aside the actual history of the BMI test, and it’s complete ineffectiveness according even to it’s creator Adolphe Quetelet, the NHS, the original inventor of double books that even the top American VA brass would droll over, has ruled that the children of today are too well-nourished for the collective good therefore the State simply must step in.

In fact, over the last year alone the NHS has given recommendations that resulted in five happy children being taken into State care, finally safe from the horrors of gluten and processed sugar.State Control--- it’s in vogue.

MP Priti Patel has reasoned, “There is an obesity crisis and health services, councils and the Government must take a joined-up approach to resolve it.”

It’s a great thing that the science is settled on trans fat, fish oil, butter versus margarine, egg yolks, kale, multivitamins, juicing—