Snowflakes are surprisingly heavy…It seems that lately our Genius Idea Fridays have been fixated on what’s going on in higher education and this week, it’s all about Canada’s Carleton University that decided to remove scales from their campus gym, explaining that after complaints from students about being triggered the school is, “Keeping with current fitness and social trends.”

This makes perfect sense as instead of individuals just deciding not to step up on them, it’s for the best and naturally the betterment of the school as a whole to just remove it completely.

In fact, even the sight of weights can be triggering. What if a student can’t (through no fault of their own of course, as how could they ever be at fault for anything?) lift as much as another student?

Those bro-science guys are intimidating to anyone just starting out, clearly they too should be banned from the gym altogether.Math can be very triggering.

Actually, hey, why even have a gym? If students want to get exercise, why doesn’t the school provide some sort of field where they can pick organic vegetables and till soil in the sunshine?

That way there are no scales, no dumbbells and everyone will be equal in a beautiful agrarian society.