LifeStraw, for those times when you don't want to drop 20 lbs.

LifeStraw, for those times when you don’t want to drop 20 lbs.

For this Genius Idea Friday, we’re going from the days before when even the notion of paying for water was laughable to the latest whim of 2017 meets 2018: Raw water.

Something heavily avoided in India for good reason, raw water is defined as untreated, straight from the cesspool refreshment, which you can now purchase by the gallon for about $12.

Sure, we all know that fluoride turns frogs gay and occasionally the water from our tap comes out millennial pink, but anyone that’s tangoed with dysentery is right to side-eye this health trend.

Of course, as libertarians the PD Staff is all for people having the choice to knowingly drink raw water, but we’ve personally decided to stick to the reasonably priced (by comparison) Evian at home, and our LifeStraw while communing with nature.