The racist police hounds of Hollywood Hills.Apparently Los Angeles minorities (are Latinos and African Americans still considered minorities when they make up a far bigger percentage of the population?) fear the police hounds of Hollywood Hills more than Sherlock’s creepy tale of Baskerville.

A recent rolled up sleeves sleuth report from the PARC (the Police Assessment Resource Center) found in the eyes of Californian Progressives, both a stunning and staggering correlation— the Los Angeles Police Department’s Canine Special Detail bites Caucasians, Asians, and (we’re guessing) White-Hispanics at a far lower rate than African Americans and full-on Latinos.What cute and fluffy little racists.

In between sips of Chardonnay, the former babies of the 1960’s wicker basket brigade have ruled that such statistics most mean that the dogs are clearly racist.

We’re not joking. Seriously. K-9 Rex is a closet Tea-Partier. Oh the horror!

He must be one of those Albino Latinos we hear so much about on the evening news.

The moment this last July when the Russians ruled (not Pavlov of course) that against conventional wisdom dogs are not color blind, each German Shepard begged their handlers to put on Birth of a Nation.Sorry pup, but you’re whatever the Progressives say you are.

The high bite numbers couldn’t be that those groups are perhaps committing more of the crimes therefore in the sample size such numbers would follow.

Nah, the dogs are clearly racist