Paid pride.On this Genius Idea Friday before America’s Independence Day, our PD staff thought we’d look at the roughly $10 Million of taxpayer funds spent by the Pentagon between 2012 and 2015 on what has been dubbed as, “Paid Patriotism.”

Yes, apparently all of those jumbo Tron close-ups of soldiers in the stands and flag bunting at the NFL, NHL, MLB and other pro-games came out of your wallet, instead of a sense of civic pride. The same goes for all of those surprise reunions of soldier and child on the field.$10 Million worth of patriotism.

“When events take place on the field that anyone assumes is done out of the goodness of their heart, and find out that it is being paid for by the taxpayer, it kind of cheapens everything,” said Senator Flake of Arizona. “It’s just not right.”

According to records, the New York Jets received $20,000 to honor their, “Hometown heroes.” The Milwaukee Brewers received $49,000 to sponsor performances of God Bless America and Senator Flake’s own Arizona Diamondbacks were given $40,000.

Happy 4th