Propaganda goes to names.By ruling of the DPRK, citizens are no longer allowed to name their offspring Kim Jong-Un. After all, if there’s more than one that would just be too confusing.

Other names that now are banned include Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung, and even though they are both dead, in life they were simply so revered that it would also be confusing to have more than one of them.Starvation, the real North Korea.

If in the off chance, you or your parents sinned against the North Korean State and have one of those three names, you must immediately go to authorities to change your documentation by picking a more original name, like Chuck or Steve.

Seriously. This isn’t the Onion.

Speaking of North Korea and bans, two weeks ago Kim Jong-Un also rescinded the UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s invitation visit to Pyongyang a day before the scheduled arrival.

Ever wonder why no one takes Dear Leader seriously?Hmm…maybe Dear Leader felt the use of the UN label was too near his own name and therefore an attack on his character?