Feeling confident?If you want to feel super secure in those watching out for you and your family, perhaps you’d better start your weekend early and not read on.

The Pentagon, the bit of bureaucracy separating you from Boko Haram, just announced that they’ve lost track of $500 million.

Hey, we warned you.

Of course, $500 million isn’t all that bad compared to the $6 billion of the State Department, so really in a sick twisted Statist way the American taxpayer should be proud of the Pentagon.Thanks, Obama Claws.

Anyways, apparently that $500 million was marked as military aid for Yemen, but now there’s reason to believe that the cash, weapons and an aircraft or two might have kinda sorta ended up in Daash’s hands.

Let’s go completely off topic here for a moment, PDers, and tell us, have you ever heard of a more suicidal nation in history than the United States?

Please correct us in the comments.

Really, please name another country.