The carnage. In a move that Phil Connors would have certainly loved, the Staten Island Zoo has ruled that the Mayor of New York will not be allowed to hold the world’s greatest meteorologist (and considering the apology that came with the $700 million bill for last week’s lack of a snowpocalypse—that’s not saying much) Chuck the Groundhog anymore.

What with de Blasio offing Charlotte last year.

Offing might be a bit strong. Once Bill de Blasio, race baiter and former Sandinista cheerleader, was handed the groundhog he immediately dropped her making for an awkward and embarrassing Groundhog Day photo op for the new Mayor.R.I.P

As the NYPD has learned, you don’t embarrass the Mayor.

One week later the groundhog was dead. You do the math.

This year to put an end to the cop killings, de Blasio agreed that keeping whichever new groundhog bravely steps up to fill the role of “Chuck” in a Plexiglas enclosure is the way to go.

“I think reform is needed. I welcome a new approach.”

Sure you do, Bill. Sure you do.