Apparently the cost of microaggressions is at least $248,744.

Apparently the cost of microaggressions is at least $248,744.

Obviously, when you think of the truths being unearthed day and night at the National Science Foundation, the mysteries of microaggressions on college campuses is front and center.

Well, okay. Maybe a tad to the left. Far Left.

The taxpayer-funded National Science Foundation awarded $248,744 to Iowa State University for their Collaborative Research: An Intersectional Perspective to Studying Microaggressions in Engineering Programs study.

At Least It’s Not Barbies

Again, this type of scientific investigation cannot come a second too soon, as according to the grant’s abstract, “The research is motivated by the persistently low representation of gender and racial minorities in engineering education.”

Not only is the $248,744 a brilliant use of taxpayer funds, but it is also a necessary one. Moreover, whom better is there to conduct this vital research than the remarkably diverse Iowa State University?