"Gender Equal" approaches never quite seem equal, right?This year, PD has talked a fair amount about the Progressive genius pouring from Sweden, and the Swedish genius idea for today is in a class all its own.

After the first snow, Stockholm’s new “Gender Equal” approach to snow shoveling has proved to be a bit problematic.

No, by “Gender Equal” approach they don’t mean making sure there is a quota of at least 50% female snow shovelers, by rather that since there’s some settled science that women are more likely to use sidewalks, those should be cleared first, instead of the roads.Shovel ready jobs...

Side note: Women use sidewalks more than men? There’s got to be an innuendo somewhere there.

Anyways, like all Progressive plans this one ended as a gigantic clusterfuck, resulting in hours of standstill traffic, closed schools, and people unable to actually get to the office.

Talk about progress.