No word on whether or not ice is mandated in that free water.

No word on whether or not ice is mandated in that free tap water.

With Germany designating a balanced breakfast, it is only natural that the UK would want to make their own mealtime mandates.

Enter Mary Creagh, the leader of the Environment Audit Select Committee (of course there would be such a committee), whom is demanding that the UK Government do more.

“The Government should go further and make it a legal requirement for all premises that serve food or drink to provide drinking water on request. The UK has safe, clean tap water and failing to provide it leads to unnecessary use of plastic water bottles which clog up our river and seas.”

Free Tap Water

Yes, in order to stop Big Plastic, Big Government needs to force cafes, fast food purveyors (those that are left) and other eateries to provide free tap water.

If you are rolling your eyes, note that this little gem is only an extension of current UK Legislation that mandates all restaurants and bars provide free tap water (though the establishment can place a service charge on the glass used) to patrons.

Clearly, it’s those holdout sandwich shops that are keeping the boys of the Old Brigade missing from action.