Hmm...we could tax these...Now that the main holidays are out of the way, and the masses are gearing up for a late Mardi Gras and drier than usual Lent, government officials have received the all clear sign from the mainstream media to tack on a 15% tax on Christmas trees with no upheaval.

Yes, Congress has deemed that the public simply is not being squeezed enough in December with QE4EVER and massive regulations in every sector, no no—really a Christmas Tree Tax would hit the spot.

One of several thousand ride-alongs of the Farm Bill (which is a big government nightmare in its own right apart from a clause stopping the US State Department from promoting food stamps in Mexico), the Christmas Tree Tax would be levied on every tree cut or imported.There goes the tree.

The idea to tax Christmas cheer was originally kicked around by the Obama Administration during his first term, at that time though the media actually reported on it, which is why the American public is seeing it now years later tucked into another bloated bill.

You guys feeling as festive as we are?