“Don’t mind me…just watching you pee...”We all know that the United Kingdom loves them some CCTV, but this latest installation might be too much even for them.

Kingswinford’s Summerhill School in the West Midlands recently installed CCTV cameras in the campus bathrooms to, “Combat bullying and vandalism.”

While Summerhill claims, “No cameras are directed towards sensitive areas including cubicles or urinals,” the overall look has most students crossing their legs.Feeling secure?

However, despite students’ kidney health, the Executive Head Teacher Mr. James Bowkett explained, “Following some disappointing behavior from our students, who were not maintaining our high standards of behavior whilst in the toilet areas, we took the decision to extend the network of cameras to these areas.”

Right, genius! So, it’s all the students’ fault and you had to do it. Got it!