Mouth-watering, right?

Tired of all of that rah-rah Americanism every Independence Day? Want to embrace the United Nations’ New World Order this Fourth of July?

Well, there’s no better way than skipping that Americana whole-beef patty, in favor of a buffalo bug burger.

Bug Burgers

Ick! Who put onions on this bug burger?

Ick! Who put onions on this bug burger?

First popularized in third world countries, and now a staple in European Nations like Switzerland and Germany, insect burgers offer a collectivist agriculture approach-esque crunch to any plate.

Chock-full of larvae, bug burgers are the perfect July Fourth picnic accompaniment, as the concept takes annoying ants into sweet appetizers.

So, make like Kofi Annan and offer your guests the food of future today, while you scoff at fireworks, provided of course, that those fireworks are still considered legal in your State.