Congratulations, Giants. Everyone loves a statist. Gone are the days of Big League Chew, as further proof that the edict stating Americans would have to change their traditions has come to pass.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee proudly announced that his city would be the first in the Nation to ban smokeless tobacco at all playing fields.

This new ban has been credited to the Washington D.C. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which decided to target their efforts on the “free” state that loves bans, California.Next, they should really ban those bats. They are so dangerous!

President of the Campaign Matthew L. Myers said of the announcement, “Today, San Francisco entered the history books as the first city to take tobacco out of baseball. The home of the world champion Giants has set an example that all of Major League Baseball and the rest of the country should quickly follow.”

How proud are you, America?While Major League Baseball already has laws preventing players and coaches from chewing tobacco during interviews, and doesn’t allow team members to even carry tobacco while in uniform, this ban throws the focus on patrons of America’s favorite pastime.

Just wait till they ban hot dogs, beer and Pixy Sticks at ball games, too.